6 Tips to Get Financially Prepared for Life’s Emergencies

If disaster strikes, are you financially ready? Whether it’s a wildfire, earthquake or storm, make sure your home, car and property are adequately insured, and that you have emergency savings to draw on if you need to. Some things take longer than others to set up, so getting ready ahead of time is a smart strategy.

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6 Tips to Stop Stressing About Money

According to a recent study1, 90% of Americans feel stressed about money.  Some of this anxiety is due in part to the ongoing effects of the pandemic, product shortages and inflation. Unfortunately, stress can often lead to questionable decisions, so it’s important to deal with it sooner rather than later. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, here are six ways to help manage your finances. Continue reading

Why it Makes Sense to Work With an Independent Insurance Agent

It sounds easy. Make a quick phone call, save thousands a year on insurance. But to get the right coverage for your specific situation, you need to look beyond low annual premiums. While you might find cheaper policies, they may not adequately protect your property or assets. There’s a better way to save money on insurance.

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