How to Save on Back to School Shopping

back to school


More than one-third of parents have already started.

by Jean Chatzky

Reprinted Courtesy of SavvyMoney

Shiny red apples and bright yellow pencils are popping up on computer screens, billboards and every way we look in stores. It’s that time of year again—retailers are pushing back-to-school shopping earlier and earlier, with significant results. According to Rubicon Project’s recent study of parents, more than one-third of parents have already started their back-to-school shopping, and they plan to spend an average of $917 per child. The study included K-12 parents, as well as parents of college-bound freshmen.

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The Newbie’s Guide to Car Buying

When it comes to buying that first car, everybody was a novice once. And even though the process can be intimidating, if you do your research and get your financing in order ahead of time, you’ll be able to purchase the vehicle you want at a price you won’t regret. And that’s something you’ll feel good about long after you’ve moved on to your next vehicle.

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