Tax Season: Be Aware of These New Changes

It’s tax season, and most taxpayers have until April 18, 2023, to file their 2022 federal income tax return. While there’s time to gather documents and submit your return, reviewing tax changes now can help you prepare for a smaller refund or bigger tax bill this spring. Some of the tax breaks available for the 2022 filing season have been reduced or no longer apply this year. Continue reading

Understanding Student Loan Forgiveness

The new federal student loan forgiveness program has piqued the interest of borrowers who thought they didn’t qualify for such programs. Whether you’re a recent graduate or have been repaying your loan for years, you should understand what loan forgiveness is, how it affects public and private student loans, and who might qualify.

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Put the Freeze on Holiday Scams

You’re not the only one kicking things into high gear this time of year. “Naughty elves” are heating up their efforts to steal private financial data from unsuspecting shoppers by masquerading as trusted companies. The criminals behind these schemes are using tactics to trick consumers into gifting them bank account credentials, credit card details and other sensitive information.

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