Get a Home Loan Without Dipping into Retirement Savings

If you’re planning to buy a home, you may be worried if you’ll have enough money saved for a down payment. You’ve probably heard that you can use retirement funds to help, but it’s important to know the restrictions, or you could be stuck paying penalties and taxes. And even though a home can be a great investment, taking out retirement funds early could hurt your long-term security.

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6 Tips to Get Financially Prepared for Life’s Emergencies

If disaster strikes, are you financially ready? Whether it’s a wildfire, earthquake or storm, make sure your home, car and property are adequately insured, and that you have emergency savings to draw on if you need to. Some things take longer than others to set up, so getting ready ahead of time is a smart strategy.

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Home Equity Loan or HELOC?

Home values hit new heights in 2021. In October, the CoreLogic Home Price Index1 recorded the highest increase in its 45-year history of tracking annual home price growth in the U.S. This sharp uptick in market values gives homeowners an opportunity to access a sizeable amount of equity now, instead of waiting years to pay down mortgage principal balances.

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Remodeling Trends That Increase A Home’s Value

Do you have home makeover ideas but worry about having the funds to cover your wish list? When determining the projects to tackle or forego, keep in mind that some enhancements can increase your home’s value, while others may not. Some home improvements may be worth the cost, even if you don’t recoup all the money you’ve invested in them. But if you plan on moving within a few years, you’ll want to proceed with caution before taking on a project that may cost you in the long run.

Here are some facts to help guide your decisions.

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