Top 10 Tax Deductions You’re NOT Taking

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You could be leaving hundreds of dollars on the table when you file your tax return this year. From magazines to medical insurance premiums, little-known tax deductions and credits could make tax day a happier one for your family this year.

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Breaking Up with Name Brands

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Grocery shopping

Picture this scenario: you’re steering your shopping cart through the sliding doors of the supermarket, shopping list in hand. As you walk the aisles, there’s a strategy you can use to save an average of 33% on your entire purchase. It doesn’t require any coupon cutting or signing up for rewards cards. And the best part? You still get every single item on your list. The secret? Buying private-label products instead of brand-name products.

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What’s Your Holiday Spending Strategy?

It’s easy to get caught up in the spirit of giving—and spending.

Gift boxes with bow and snowflakes

According to the National Federation of Retailers, a 2015 survey reported that consumers planned to spend approximately $800 on things like holiday decorations, food and gifts. Have you considered what your budget will be? And what about travel costs?  It’s easy to let the dollar amount soar if you don’t rein in spending now.

Here are some tips to help you plan smart, save money and avoid a debt hangover.

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9 Ways to Master Your Money

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Money growing in soil , Business success concept.

Set Specific Goals

Saving tends to be easier when you have a certain purpose in mind: Saving for your first house, retirement at a certain age, a child’s college education, or even a trip around the world. The important thing is to be specific.

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How to Save on Back to School Shopping

back to school


More than one-third of parents have already started.

by Jean Chatzky

Reprinted Courtesy of SavvyMoney

Shiny red apples and bright yellow pencils are popping up on computer screens, billboards and every way we look in stores. It’s that time of year again—retailers are pushing back-to-school shopping earlier and earlier, with significant results. According to Rubicon Project’s recent study of parents, more than one-third of parents have already started their back-to-school shopping, and they plan to spend an average of $917 per child. The study included K-12 parents, as well as parents of college-bound freshmen.

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